1. Party Line NYC- took some portraits of some cool people at the event.

    photos by: visualsbypierre​ 


  2. Uptown with it.


  3. Transcribe


  4. Roof Chillin


  5. Sunsets over NYC



  7. …so much more than what meets the eye. From the series of photos I’ve posted you see a really hot girl, but what the photos don’t reveal is that @ravenerce is a pre-med student that works full time as an Apple specialist with a great sense of humor and extremely blunt lol. These small sessions of “Intimacy” that I have with my subjects are not just moments to snap a cool photo but a time to get to know people for who they are aside from just a pretty face.

    Intimacy by Pierre
    Starring: Raven


  8. Jersey from where I stand



  10. …my buddy Reni hit me up while he was uptown and just wanted to link and chill. I invited him over to my studio and then we went for a walk uptown. During our walk we discussed career experiences and projections for the future.

    Reni is part of a hip hop collective called Worlds Fair, he doesn’t rap but he is an intricate part in the groups day to day activities. He had just returned from London where he have me tales of great performances, wild parties and of course women.

    We soon caught news of Robin Williams suicide, which really put our lives into perspective. We are here for only a finite time on this planet and we have to make the most of it while we are here.


  11. Late Night Jungle Excursion


  12. Industrial Brooklyn


  13. Never gets old.


  14. keep these moments intimate.

    J. Cole Dollar and a Dream Tour NYC

    Photo: @visualsbypierre


  15.  J. Cole Dollar and a Dream Tour NYC

    Photo: @visualsbypierre

    Photo: @visualsbypierre